Girlguiding Scotland member Lauren shares the highlights of her trip to India

Lauren Evans, Leader in Training with 3rd Vale of Leven Guide Unit, shares her top highlights from her trip to India with Girlguiding Scotland members.

I was one of 10 Girlguiding Scotland members on the journey to Sangam, the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scouts centre (WAGGGS) in Pune, India.

The 19-day trip offered us the chance to learn more about culture, see world famous sights including the Taj Majal in Delhi and the Amber Palace in Jaipur and make a difference in the local community.

The three best bits of the trip for me were… 

Sparking some curiosity

During my time in India, I had an opportunity to volunteer with one of Sangam’s community partners, Tara Mobile Creche. Children are looked after in the Creche while their parents work on the construction site nearby.

Our challenge was to encourage the children aged 3 to 14 to become more curious about science and how things work, we did this with various and lots of experiments. Being a science lover myself, I was excited to share my enthusiasm for the subject!

During an activity, one child asked ‘why?’ and I knew we had that spark of curiosity met our challenge with the children!

Exploring Indian Culture

From riding rickshaws to seeing elephants, eating mountains of rice and spice to bowls of mango ice cream and masala tea – my trip to India has definitely been a cultural rollercoaster.

One of my most memorable moments was visiting a sari fabric shop and watching sheet by sheet a sea of colours unfold before my eyes and before I knew it I was being wrapped up in every silk material in sight. I purchased a beautifully designed coral sari and wore it with pride during Sangam’s 50th birthday celebration dinner.

After an elephant ride to Amber Palace, I made my senior section promise – a mountain top moment.

Connecting with the girls

The other girls on the trip were also involved in guiding but we didn’t know each other before the trip. As we set off on our adventure it was a little daunting but after spending a total of 18 days together I can now say that I couldn’t have imagined it with a better group of people.

During the trip we all brought out the very best in each other and everyone was so supportive. I was lucky to have had the girls by my side as we explored the country, facing challenges and discovering our potential.

We’ve made so many unforgettable memories together and I have made some true friends for life.

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