Getting to grips with the new programme – top tips!

Who else is looking forward to getting stuck into the new programme with their unit next term? From the mindfulness badge to the space badge, there’s over 800 new badges and activities for every girl to get excited about. Check out these top tips for getting to grips with what’s new!

1. All the themes

The new programme is based around six new themes including know myself, express myself, be well, have adventures and skills for my futures. The themes stay the same through every section so girls can start to develop a skill as a Rainbow, build on it as a Brownie and Guide and take it even further as a Ranger.

2. It’s all about building skills

There are 12 skills builder topics and they all link with the programme themes, covering everything from outdoor adventures and first aid to learning leadership skills. Skills builders are designed to help girls develop core skills from networking to first aid as they move from Rainbows all the way through to Rangers. There’s six fun-filled stages to work through in each topic and girls earn a badge for every stage they complete!

3. So many badges so little time

The selection of new interest badges help girls explore their interests and discover brand new ones. Some girls might lean towards technical or creative skills, others to adventurous challenges or social action. Badges are designed to build girls’ independence as they decide when and where to do them.

4. There’s training available!

Volunteers bring Girlguiding to life. If you want to feel more confident about delivering the new programme there are different and flexible online training options available to help covering themes, awards, interest badges, skills builders and more. You don’t have to do all the modules, you can pick and mix. There’s more information here.

5. Find out about funding

When it comes to buying the new programme resources, if your unit has been open for at least 12 months you could be eligible for up £250 thanks to the Girlguiding UK Units in Need fund.

6. Don’t forget!

You don’t need to rush out and get all the new programme resources this term. The existing programme is still great to use until September 2019.

Buy the new programme resources today!

Head over to our online shop, or pop in to our Edinburgh or Glasgow shops to get your hands on the new programme resources.