Get social action savvy!

Empowering girls to take social action is at the heart of what we do. Carrying on our celebration of young members making a real difference in their communities this #iwill week, we caught up with leader in training Tempany. Here she shares her inspiring story about taking part in Girlguiding’s Action for Change project and why she decided to help homeless people in her area.

There are so many issues in the world and I used to think I didn’t have the confidence to make any sort of change. I decided to take part in Girlguiding’s Action for Change project which gives girls the skills and know-how to act on issues they really care about.

Homelessness is such an important issue, so I knew this was the problem I wanted to focus on for my project. Every day I see more and more people living on the streets in my area because they think that’s the only option for them.

Things got off to a slow start but after hosting a movie night at my university I raised £320 which I donated to a refugee charity. I’m now creating care packages this winter which will be packed with essentials like socks, water bottles and food. It only costs £3 to create a package so I’m hoping to helps lots of homeless people.

I think social action is really important. If you can make change then go for it. Even small acts make a huge difference.

I’ve loved being involved with the Action for Change project. When I meet up with everyone else who has taken part it feels like together we can tackle anything!

How you can get involved

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