Kirsten – Brownie

Kirsten_MitchellKirsten, age nine, is a Brownie in Fife. She tells us about some of the things she’s enjoyed the most:

“I was a Rainbow before I was a Brownie. The thing I like most about being a Brownie is trying new things.

“In Rainbows, I loved when we made some marshmallow biscuits that looked like snowmen!

“My favourite activity has been going on a summer activity camp in Dalguise.

“We did lots of activities like canoeing, climbing and abseiling.

“The first time I went up to abseil I didn’t like looking down.

“But then I saw my friend bounce up and down on the rope and it gave me the courage to look down!

“I also enjoyed the kayaking – I’d done it before so was able to help my friends.

“In winter we also made bird food using lard, birdseed and a bottle, and used a wooden spoon to make a perch the birds could sit on.

“I put mine in our garden and saw some blackbirds and robins come to feed.”

Kirsten says being in guiding gives her a space to be herself.

“My brother is in the Scouts but I love the Brownies because it’s all girls and my brother isn’t there!”