Future Girls Acts week kicks off next week!

Thousands of young members from across the country are coming together to help tackle plastic pollution for Future Girl Acts week. Find out what happened when 3rd Galashiels Brownies leader Katey encouraged her girls to take a stand and signed them up!

I found out about Future Girl Acts on social media and as soon as I realised there was a free Unit Meeting Activity available as part of the campaign, I downloaded it straight away! This was an excellent opportunity to chat to girls about the negative impact plastic waste has on the ocean and the wildlife that lives there. Here are just some of the things I realised before we got started…

1. There’s no such thing as ‘too early’

There was a part of me that thought there was a chance my girls might be too young to take an interest in environmental matters. Then I saw two Brownies being interviewed on BBC One because they’d asked fast food chains to reduce their plastic waste. This showed me it’s never ‘too early’ for girls to take action and help protect the planet. It’s their future that’s at stake.

2. How long do girls need to collect the plastic they need?

The ‘Pass on plastic’ UMA encourages girls to collect clean plastic waste, reflect on just how much they’re able to gather and then create amazing sea creature sculptures with it. I gave our girls one week to gather as much as much as they could and this proved to be more than enough time (however, it’s amazing how much you can gather in just a couple of days). Girls brought bags and bags along to our meeting and in the end there was enough to stretch the length of 22 brownies!

3. Keep the momentum going

Have a think about what other fun things your girls can do to help save the planet. The whole ‘Pass on plastic’ experience inspired us to start reducing our plastic bag use too. We’ve given all of our girls a canvas bag that we’re going to decorate together so they can have their very own bag for life ready to use whenever they need.

If you’re looking for something to do with your girls this week, this free unit meeting activity is not only topical, it required little to no preparation. So while single use plastic is not so fantastic, the ‘Pass on Plastic’ is!

Get involved
Future Girls Acts is a week of social action taking place from 30 September – 6 October. Sign your girls up today and download the free unit meeting activity for your section!