Follow in Anna McNuff’s footsteps!

Girlguiding Ambassador, and global adventurer, Anna McNuff is making her way through Scotland on her Barefoot Britain journey across the UK. Here, 38th Aberdeen Brownie leader Emma shares how she encouraged her girls to step outside their comfort zones and follow in Anna’s footsteps.

When I found out Anna was planning to run the distance of 100 marathons, barefoot no less, I was blown away! After seeing pictures on Twitter of her in action I knew I wanted to get my girls involved in the fun so we decided to try a spot of barefoot running right here at our meeting place.

I showed the Brownies a couple of videos from Anna’s YouTube channel to help better explain the challenge she’s taken on and it wasn’t long before they were raring to go and their shoes were off. Our girls love running games so this was the perfect way to do something different and active together as a unit. And they all really enjoyed themselves.

If you’re planning to follow in Anna’s footsteps with your girls then check out these tops tips for making the most of your unit’s barefoot experience.

1. Game time

If you’ve got younger girls, a good game play when they have bare feet is Cat and Mouse. It’s always a popular choice and it means that only two girls are running at one time so there’s less chance of toes getting crushed. It’s really simple to explain – get the instructions here.

2. Come rain or shine

Sometimes the weather can let us down here in Scotland, but this doesn’t mean girls have to miss out on getting active. We cleared the hall we meet in before the girls arrived and swept it thoroughly before they started running around shoeless. This also helped from a safety point of view as there was a lot less chance of anyone stepping on something.

3. Ease your girls in

One or two of our girls were unsure about taking part at first as they didn’t know what to expect. We gave them the option to sit at the side at first and see what was happening before making a decision to get involved and play. Soon enough they were able to see there was nothing to worry about and everyone had good fun.

To top everything off I posted a video of the girls running around on Twitter, along with a supportive message for Anna, and she replied by cheering us on. The girls were thrilled!

Anna’s keen to spread the message that everyone should still reach for their dreams, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable at times. And by inspiring girls to challenge themselves she’s helping prepare them to work hard to achieve their life goals, now and in the future, which I think is truly amazing.

Are you going to meet Anna on her journey?

Get in touch and let us know if you’ve reached out to meet Anna with your girls on her journey through Scotland. We want to hear from you!