Have you ever kipped on a ship?

A group of five units from Dunbartonshire county recently took to the seas for a Tall Ship adventure! Altogether 62 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides set sail for a group trip to earn their Hostess and Go for it! Blast from the past badges. Leader, Lucy shares her experience of organising such a big trip…

I’d always liked the idea of taking my unit to experience a day out on a real Tall Ship and my search led me to Glasgow. Word spread of my plans and we ended up coordinating an overnight adventure for one Rainbow unit, two Brownie units and two Guide units. It was tricky at first!

We started off the day by taking the girls around the Glasgow Museum of Transport to get warmed up for the day ahead. Once aboard the ship each section was taken to a different, educational workshop run by the The Tall Ship staff.

During the day the Rainbows spent time crafting while Brownies were given a lesson in Edwardian etiquette including creating an eight course menu suitable for a Captain’s table! And the Guides got a hands-on historical dressing up experience.

After the rest of the girls started dancing and singing along to songs from the past the evening saw Rainbows and Brownies settled down with some bedtime stories read by local a storyteller. Everyone had loads of fun!

My advice to other leaders hoping to plan a big trip like this would be to share the responsibility as much as possible. Don’t take it all on yourself and be as flexible as you can. But at the end of the day the most important thing is that the girls really enjoy themselves.

Make 2018 amazing

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