Senior Section members will be dashing over to Ulster

We’ve had a busy year celebrating The Senior Section Spectacular but the fun isn’t over yet. As our Dash to Ulster event approaches, we hear from lead volunteer Clair D’Alby as she tell us how she’s planning something spectacular for the weekend with Girlguiding Ulster.

How did I become the Lead Volunteer for a Scottish Spectacular event? I took on the challenge with my fellow Senior Section member Rebecca – it was a very exciting and slightly daunting task to be organising a joint event with Girlguiding Ulster. And to be make it more complicated, Rebecca moved to Switzerland for four months so our planning was put to the test and we organised the event at a distance.

Dash to Ulster is a fast-paced and fun ‘crossover’ weekend with our Senior Section Spectacular partner Region, Girlguiding Ulster. The event will see members from Girlguiding Scotland and Ulster crossing the ocean to visit each other’s homeland.

First up was to figure out where we could host the Scotland side of the event. We set on hosting it in Stranraer, where there is a fantastic and active guiding team and who have been going the extra mile in helping us put on a great event. They’ve given use of their hall and the local Trefoil Guild have answered the call to help out with everything from transport to campfires and hot chocolate duties.

With the important bit – where we would sleep – out of the way it’s taken a few months of emails and phone calls with our Ulster partners to work out what we’ll offer as part of the event and to line up some fun Scottish activities. For the next part of the event, we’ll be heading to Ulster, where we can look forward to visiting their activity centre, Lorne, to enjoy some adventurous activities and a stay in their new tented village.

Whatever the weekend brings I know that there will be a lot of fun, laughter and some very tired people after they have spent the entire weekend dashing from Scotland to Ulster and back.

Check back next week as we’ll be sharing an update after Dash to Ulster. We hope everyone attending the event has a great time and enjoys making new friends with attendees from our Spectacular partner Region, Girlguiding Ulster.