Celebrating real-life wonder women

Leader in Training and Senior Section member Katie Emmott shares her thoughts on the UN’s decision to name Wonder Woman an Ambassador for Empowering Girls and Young Women.

I’m happy to see the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to empower girls and young women hitting the headlines but choosing the comic book icon as the face of this campaign isn’t without its problems.

While Wonder Woman is a fantastic, trail-blazing character the fact she’s not real makes her an interesting choice to front a very real and important aim.

Although Wonder Woman is definitely a strong, confident woman who will hopefully help girls see that they can be anything they want to be, with girls and women feeling the pressure of living up to unrealistic standards perhaps what we need most is a reality check.

Whether we’re comparing ourselves to our peers on social media, celebrities on TV or even fictional characters like Wonder Woman, it can be easy to feel like we’re constantly playing a game of catch-up.

Girls and women need to know that being a role model doesn’t mean being perfect and to see real women making a real difference in the real world – even without the perfect figure, celebrity status or a lasso of truth.

That’s why Girlguiding Scotland’s new WOWwoman campaign is helping girls and young women to explore what it really means to be a role model and shout about who inspires them. Whether girls choose amazing artists, star athletes, inspiring campaigners or someone closer to home – their mum, their coach or their teacher – WOWwoman celebrates real women making a real difference.

Perhaps the best way for the UN to achieve its goal is to remember that that it is real girls and women – and not a super hero, however fantastic she might be – who will ultimately make the world a more equal place.