Celebrate National Picnic Month!

What better way to celebrate National Picnic Month this July then by organising a fun-filled day out with friends and family complete with delicious snacks? Check out these top tips for making sure your picnic goes off without a hitch and get ready to explore Scotland’s great outdoors!

1. Lighten the load

It’s easy to take more than you need to a picnic but that’s how food gets wasted. Before you head out to the shops for supplies make a list of the food you’re hoping to serve and the amount of people coming along and keep it in mind when you’re browsing the aisles for tasty treats. Having less weight to carry will also make finding a perfect picnic spot easier!

2. Don’t forget the finger food

Not sure what snacks to buy? Go for finger food options! Think along the lines of sandwiches, wraps, sliced vegetables, crisps and dips and you’re onto a winner. This means there’s no need to bother with packing cutlery and there’ll be less mess.

3. Stay safe in the sun

Who else has been enjoying the heatwave we’ve been having this summer? Although sitting out in the sun can be great fun it’s also important to stay safe and avoid getting burnt when it’s warm. Don’t forget to take sunglasses, put sun block on before you go and bring it with you so you can keep topping yourself up throughout the day. You could also bring a sun hat, drink lots of water and find a spot in the shade at the hottest points of the day if you need.

4. Keep Scotland beautiful

Keen to avoid a big clean up at the end of your picnic? Just remember to tidy as you go so litter doesn’t build up. Make sure you’re doing your part to keep Scotland beautiful by packing a supply of bin bags before heading off on your outdoor adventure.

5. Go plastic free

Why not try having a plastic free picnic? You could use paper boxes and bags for packaging – even old jam jars would work well because you can wash and reuse them. If you’re able to get your hands on a wooden picnic basket to transport your treats that’s a bonus!

Explore the great outdoors this summer
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