Calling all non-Scottish units! Come to Tartan Gig 2019

Did you know Tartan Gig is open to all Girlguiding members across the UK? Here Ailyn, leader of the Ribble Valley Guides, shares why she decided to venture from Lancashire to Glasgow with her girls to join in the fun of Tartan Gig last year!

The other leaders and I decided to go to Tartan Gig last year for a change because we’re from North-West England and realised it was just as easy for us to travel to Glasgow as it was to go to London.

If you’re unit isn’t based in Scotland and you’re thinking about taking your girls to Tartan Gig next year, then here are my top tips for making sure your adventure goes off without a hitch!

1. Safety first

The most important thing is to reassure parents as much as possible about the safety of the girls. For example, make sure they’re made aware of all the security measures the venue has in place on the day when Girlguiding Scotland share them – stay tuned to our social media for more updates coming soon. We also made wristbands for all of our girls to wear which had their name, unit and home contact details on them, just in case.

2. Get settled in and see the sights

If you’re travelling from quite far away then I’d recommend arriving as early as possible so you’re not rushing and there’s enough time to help the girls get settled into unfamiliar surroundings. This way there’ll be more time for sightseeing as there are some amazing tourist hotspots in Glasgow!

3. Be travel savvy

Research coach companies thoroughly and make sure you use a reputable one so there’s less risk of confusion when it comes to arranging locations and pick up and drop off times.

If you’re keen to travel by train there’s more information about how to find your way to the SSE Hydro in the helpful Tartan Gig FAQs.

4. Bring the essentials

Don’t forget to bring a portable phone charger with you so there’s no fear of your phone running out of battery.

5. Top 4 travel tips to help banish boredom!

Looking for ways to keep your girls entertained on the way to Tartan Gig and back? From travel bingo to getting to know each other games check out these seriously helpful top travel tips to help banish boredom! Why not write different questions such as, ‘What’s your funniest memory?’ on a beach ball and pass it to one another?

Need more info?

Head to our Tartan Gig 2019 hub for FAQs and how to buy tickets info!