A Brownie’s Guide to the Fringe

Next up in our series is a guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for Brownies, the selected shows are perfect whether you’re Brownie (aged 7-10) is a fringe fanatic or a first-time fringer!

With our suggestions you can follow the adventures of Mermalade, who won’t stop asking ‘Why?’, Beatrice who wants the beard and a popstar mermaid from the 90’s. You can help Erin on the epic search for her brother and Little Red on a quest to save her family’s bakery.


Mermalade is an interactive comedy about a young mermaid, who is not afraid to ask ‘Why?’ to anyone who will listen (and even those who won’t). With the help of three annoying oysters, Mermalade sets out to ask the big questions and find her own answers regardless of who stands in her way. Her infinite curiosity and determination make this hero’s journey a captivating and inspiring story for any girl who wants to stand up and demand answers.

Beards! Beards! Beards!

Beatrice will not stop until she has the most magnificent beard in the world. Two barmy barbers aid Beatrice on her quest in this hilarious and bizarre musical about facial hair and challenging gender norms. Join this trio as they shake up social rules and fight expectations of how little girls must look, dress, and act. Expect bubbles, spaghetti and catchy songs you will be singing all the way home!

Pond Wife

This feminist reimagining of The Little Mermaid follows a fifteen-year-old girl discovering pop music for the first time. Set in 1997, this musical performance examines life as a 90’s kid from the perspective of a teenage mermaid. Pond Wife gives us the story of a girl who is a loud and proud mermaid. Brace yourself for jelly shoes, Spice Girls, glitter, and a whole lot of synchronised dancing!

Erin, Errol and the Earth Creatures

Erin’s brother is missing. But when she sets out to find him, she comes across other creatures who have had things taken from them. Using crafts, puppetry, and inspiration from traditional folk tales, Erin, Errol and the Earth Creatures addresses our relationship with the Earth and what we can do to give back to nature. A show for any Brownie who is passionate about the environment and wants to learn more ways to help (and dance and sing) our way to a healthier planet.

Red Riding Hood

A quirky musical adaption of the classic tale of Red Riding Hood. On a quest to save her family’s bakery, Little Red must contend with the Big Bad Wolf and travel through a magical forest where no-one is quite how they seem. Packed with tough women and a cake-baking dad, Red Riding Hood encourages girls to be clever, cunning and brave.

We’ve recently shared our guide for our youngest section, Rainbows, check it out here. We’d love to hear about your Fringe adventures and any recommendations, you can tweet us or post on Facebook.