Our Brownie’s refugee letter shows guiding Promise in action

Sam Redpath, Leader with 1st Ferryden Brownies, blogs about how the group’s support for refugees made a splash on social media.

No-one can fail to be touched by the recent refugee crisis – and our local guiding District, Girlguiding Montrose, were no different. We decided we would all like to help.

So we contacted ‘Angus Solidarity for Refugees’ – a local group of people who had set up and were able to deliver supplies to the refugees. Through them we decided to organise a collection of supplies which was advertised through the local guiding units and the community.

On the night of the collection a few girls from each section came together to and to thank everyone for their generous donations. We managed to collect four very large car loads that were donated to ‘Angus Solidarity for Refugees’. And we couldn’t be prouder of our guiding District and the community.

1st Ferryden Brownies, my own unit, also held a night where we discussed the crisis. Some of the Brownies created posters to put up through the local community advertising the collection. A few of the Brownies also decided to write to the Prime Minister to encourage him to help.

Brownie Bethany Garden’s letter was so thought-provoking and inspiring that it was also shared on the Girlguiding Montrose District’s Facebook page. From there it has touched a lot of people’s hearts and has been continuously shared and liked and picked up by some media too. It has so far been seen by over 26,000 people – an amazing achievement for one girl! Take a look at our Facebook page if you haven’t already seen it.

Bethany said: “I thought the letter would only be seen by the guiding Leaders in Montrose and the Prime Minister.

“I didn’t think anyone else would be interested – I am proud it is making a difference!”

Helping other people is part of the guiding Promise and Bethany’s letter and the chord it’s struck on social media is a brilliant example of girls speaking out on issues they care about and making a real difference.

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