Empowering reads for all ages

To celebrate World Book Day we have come up with some empowering reads for every Section to enjoy.

Read our recommendations for books that encourage girls of all ages to reach their full potential and speak up on what matters to them.


ada-twist-scientistAda Twist, Scientist – Andrea Beaty, David Roberts

Rainbows 5 – 7

Ada Twist, Scientist is a story of a young girl who loves to ask ‘Why’. This desire to learn takes her on an exciting adventure where her curiosity leads to great discoveries.

This is a book that celebrates girls who love to learn. We’re sure it will inspire many Rainbows to discover a passion for science.


matildaMatilda – Roald Dahl

Brownies 7 – 10

Matilda is the story of a stubborn and adventurous girl who outsmarts her parents, teachers herself to read, and speaks out against bullying.

This book is full of excitement as Matilda inspires the rest of her school to take a stand against the evil Head Teacher Miss Trunchbull. Our Brownies may not have Matilda’s ability for move things with her mind but we’re sure they’ll be inspired to stand up for themselves and others.


i-am-malalaI Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (Young Readers Edition) – Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick

Guides 10 – 14

This is the story of Malala Yousafzai, a girl from Pakistan who knew she wanted to use her voice to change the world, despite her young age.

Malala was raised in a once-peaceful region of Pakistan and was only 10 years old when the Taliban took control. They imposed many rules, including banning girls from school. However Malala fought for her right to be educated, a fight which nearly resulted in the loss of her life when she was shot while traveling home from school.

This is the young adult version of her bestselling memoir, which tells her powerful story to our Guides, who live in a country where the right to education isn’t given a second thought. Her story has captured imaginations around the world and will inspire readers to stand up and make a difference.


I Am That Girl – Alexis Jones

Senior Section 14 – 25

Review by Holly McKie

I Am That Girl is an honest and frank read encouraging young women to reach their potential.

Alexis Jones wants to empower girls to be the best possible version of themselves and to find their passion in life. But, this is far from a standard self-help book as Alexis’ conversational writing style makes it feel more like a good friend giving you a pep-talk.

The book is made all the more inspiring by a series of testimonies from women of different ages and backgrounds who detail their own personal struggles and how they overcame them.

So, for all of those times when you just need a pick-me-up, this book is perfect!


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