3 reasons YOU should apply to be a Girlguiding Advocate

Do you want to make positive changes and speak out on behalf of girls and young women around the country? Then you should apply to become a Girlguiding Advocate! Current Advocate, Katie, shares her top reasons why you should get involved.


The reason I applied to join the Advocate panel is because I’m very passionate about helping improve the lives of girls. I’m about to finish my two year term and while I’m really sad it’s almost over I can’t wait to see all the great things future Advocates will achieve. I never thought I’d get a place, but I did, so I’d say to anyone thinking of applying to just go for it! Here’s why…

1. Being an Advocate has really boosted my confidence and it could do the same for you. I remember sitting in the first meeting too scared to say anything and now I’ve made a speech in the House of Lords, been on live TV and talked to many politicians.

2. You’ll make the most incredible friends for life because it’s true what they say – empowered women empower women. At Advocate we always support and lift each other up. It’s like being part of the UK’s biggest and best girl gang where everyone just wants you to reach your full potential.

3. Finally, one of the best things about being part of the Advocate panel means you’ll get the chance to make real and lasting change. I’ve taken part in amazing Girlguiding campaigns such as Girls Matter, and we’ve been campaigning for more awareness about sexual harassment in schools. Recently I went with two other Advocates to the Scottish Parliament to give evidence on the issue and some of our ideas have made it into official parliamentary reports. You can find out more about this campaign here.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss – there’s no harm in trying!

Apply now!

Girlguiding are currently recruiting for new Advocates from across the UK. If you’re 14 to 25 years old find out more and apply here.