My year in three – part 2!

My work was was featured in a BBC news article!

2017 has been an incredible year! From national news stories to international adventures – check out young leader Catherine’s top three highlights from the last 12 months and get ready to feel inspired.

1. Girlguiding Scotland has given me so many brilliant opportunities this year which have helped me grow in confidence. The main thing I’ve been working on is my Action for Change project which is to help get more girls into engineering. I created a survey which aims to give an insight into gender stereotypes which affect girls’ perceptions of engineering. I was so happy when it got an amazing response from girls across the UK!

2. I’ve since shared my findings with other members, engineering advocates and companies, and the media – I never expected to get so much support. My work was even featured in a BBC news article about how Girlguiding is encouraging more girls to get involved in STEM. It was amazing to see all my small actions building up to have a big impact.

But the media coverage didn’t stop there and on International Day of the Girl my Friends of The Scotsman article was published. It was such a proud moment! In it I discussed Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitude survey, my AFC project and how gender stereotypes can affect the way children think and act. You can read it here!

3. And last but not least, I also went on a nine-day adventure trip to Denmark with INTOPS, which stands for international opportunities, and absolutely loved it. Not only did I make great new friends and learn about different cultures, I developed my outdoor and communication skills and got to go sightseeing around Copenhagen. We even gave tree climbing and sailing a go!

These experiences were by far the most exciting parts of my year. I love how being a member has given me a national stage to talk about my AFC project and travel the world. I am planning to continue working on my project in 2018 in the hope engineering science becomes a more common subject in schools one day. I’m also keen to join Lones so I can still be a part of Girlguiding Scotland when I go off to university!

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