The Senior Section (age 14-25)

*We’re about to launch our official new programme for The Senior Section (soon to be called Rangers) – you can find out everything you need to know here. The current programme can still be used until September 2019.*

There are lots of different ways you can be a part of Girlguiding Scotland when you’re a member of The Senior Section.

Why not become a peer educator and empower other young women to bust body myths and have confidence in themselves? Or pass on what you’ve learned through Girlguiding to younger girls by becoming a young leader or leader.

You could also work towards a prestigious achievement like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Chief Guide’s Challenge or the Queen’s Guide award – a brilliant way to challenge yourself, help others and add even more to your CV.

Or speak out for other girls and young women as one of Girlguiding Scotland’s Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament. Find out more here.

And there’s always the opportunity to take part in great events like Girlguiding Scotland’s TARTAN GIG for Guides and members of The Senior Section, or if you’ve got the travel bug you could head off on an international trip or camp.

They meet in small groups or choose to stay in touch in other ways. They can take part in the Look Wider personal development programme, based around eight octants:

  • Community action: This is about making a difference to yourself and others, from litter picking in your local park to volunteering at a homeless shelter.
  • Creativity: This can be anything from learning about social media, making films or trying your hand at knitting.
  • Fit for life: This octant encourages you to think about the things you need for a healthy mind, body and soul, from managing stress to eating well.
  • Independent living: Learning the life skills you need to strike out on your own are a key part of Girlguiding. Try your hand at car maintenance, upcycle some furniture or even become a life coach!
  • International: Learning about world cultures could mean joining a Girlguiding Scotland trip to somewhere like Ghana or Cambodia – or staying at home and learning a new language.
  • Leadership: Open doors by developing your leadership skills – from planning a great day out for a local unit to getting qualified as a young leader, leader or trainer.
  • Out of doors: The great outdoors is ready and waiting – and this octant will help you explore it by choosing activities like bagging a Munro.
  • Personal values: Find out more about your and others’ values by researching your family tree, starting a blog or campaigning on an issue you care about.

Members of The Senior Section choose their own uniform from a range of items – find out more by visiting our online shop.

There’s loads to discover on The Senior Section section on Girlguiding’s website.