Remote guiding with Lones

Lones is our remote guiding scheme for girls who can’t attend regular meetings.

How does it work?

There’s lots of reasons why girls might not be able to take part in regular unit meetings, whether they’re living in a remote area, have a disability or have caring responsibilities that make it difficult for them to attend regularly.

Instead of attending weekly unit meetings, girls keep in touch through email, text, phone calls, letters, working on a wide range of activities and badges and meeting up at exciting events.

Can girls of any age join Lones?

Yes – there are Lones untis for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and members of The Senior Section. The groups also gather together for special events and occasions.

What do young members & parents say?

Heather, a member of the Lones Senior Section, says:

Lones is very flexible, meaning that I can choose when it suits me to try out activities, without having to commit to a weekly meeting that I couldn’t fit into my schedule! It also means that I can take time out during exam periods, and have an exciting pile of things to do during the holidays.

I love being a part of  an amazing group of like-minded, fun and friendly members. I’ve made great friends, done amazing things, and had opportunities I’d never have imagined. Come and join us!

Clair, whose daughters are all part of the Lones section says:

“Lones has given all of my daughters confidence, self-reliance, a sense of community and fun!”

Read Heather’s full story here.

How do I join Lones?

We don’t use our online registration system for people who wish to join us as Lones, so get in touch and ask for the Guiding Development Team to find out more.