Additional security information

Following recent events we’ve been working closely with staff at the venue and Police Scotland to ensure all our members have a safe and enjoyable day.

The SSE Hydro has updated their security procedures and is asking visitors to take some additional steps to support the smooth-running of this event.

Below are simply precautionary measures to give peace-of-mind to all our members on the day.

1. Please arrive one hour earlier than planned

Venue staff have implemented additional search and security procedures which may increase queuing times. Please take this into consideration and arrange to arrive an hour earlier than planned, to allow your group time to arrive, get ready (for example visiting our shop, bathrooms etc.) and get settled for a fantastic show.

2. There will be a waiting area

For those arriving early there will be an area available in the SEC Centre which security will direct you to. You can wait, eat and queue there and have access to toilets and other facilities. This will also be available after the show.

3. Please bring snacks, liquids and any other essential items in clear bags

If you plan on bringing any snacks, drinks or any other essential items please bring these in a clear plastic bag. You can still bring water and juice in as long as these are clearly visible.

4. Please don’t bring large handbags / backpacks etc)

Please avoid bringing backpacks and handbags (A3 size, 35cm/40cm and above) into the venue. However, you are allowed to bring essential items, snacks and drinks in a small handbag or alternatively a small, clear plastic bag, as mentioned above.

5. Please ensure you have the correct ratios for your group

As with all activities taking place outside your usual meeting area please ensure that you have the correct adult to child ratios in place for your group. You can get additional guidance on adult to child ratios here.

6. Consider giving everyone in your group some form of easy identification

In the unlikely event that someone in your group gets separated or lost it may be helpful for them to have some form of identification such as a wristband or sticky label with essential details like their unit name, Leader’s name and mobile number.

7. Leaving the venue

After the show everyone will leave the venue through a secure stewarded cordon and return to the car parks.

Venue info

Volunteers and venue staff will be on-hand to answer questions on the day and direct your group to your seats. We apologise for any inconvenience these adjustments may cause and appreciate your cooperation.

There will be additional stewarding in place across the venue, both inside and outside, in the car parks and in the SEC Centre.