Where to stay

Whether you’re planning an overnight rest stop or an action-packed weekend, there are some great of accommodation options available.

Tartan Gig is an exclusive pop concert for members set to feature some of the biggest names in music! What makes Tartan Gig an unforgettable experience isn’t just the amazing performances (for 12 years it has been an unbeatable line up!) – it’s that it is the biggest event just for girls in Scotland with a unique atmosphere!

Accommodation options:

  • There are lots of fantastic guiding sites across Scotland you could book. Catterburn is Girlguiding Dunbartonshire’s Outdoor and Activity Centre and is just 20 miles from The SSE Hydro in Glasgow. And, it has both indoor and outdoor accommodation
  • Hostelling: If you’re looking for budget friendly accommodation close to Glasgow’s thriving centre there are a range of hostels available. The Scottish Youth Hostel in Glasgow offers a mix of accommodation and is an ideal base for exploring the city

Important info

All Tartan Gig tickets are non-refundable