Plan a self-care night for your unit!

According to Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 74% of girls aged 11-16 often feel stressed out about school, college or work. Finding out different ways to take care of yourself and relax is a great way to cope and feel good again. Leader Lesley shares how her self-care evening went with her unit, 1st Tain Brownies

I wanted to do something that encouraged the girls to take care of themselves in the future as well as their family and friends, so a self-care night seemed like the perfect idea! We had already been discussing being kind to one another, bullying and caring for the elderly. But it is good to make sure they know their happiness and mental well-being is so important too. Here are my top tips for making it a great evening…

1. Get creative

First of all I showed the girls things they can use and create themselves to help chill out, from making relaxing soaps to something as simple as applying a soothing face mask. The girls even paired off at one point to learn how to give each other moisturising hand massages.

2. Have a chat

We had a good chat about different self-care tips like having me-time, reaching out to someone close to you if you need to talk about what’s bothering you and writing down your feelings in a journal.

3. Quiz time

To round off the night off we held a quiz where the girls had to answer questions about why it’s important to take good care of themselves, both physically and mentally. It was a great way to see how much the girls had learned during the evening.


Book a Think Resilient session
Think Resilient sessions are another option we offer. They’re designed to empower girls and give them the tools they need to build their resilience and boost their mental well-being. It gives them a safe space to talk about everything from bullying to body confidence with their peers. Find out more about booking a session for your unit here or pop over to our Pinterest for more helpful self-care tips.