We’re launching a partnership with Three to help offer exciting innovative opportunities to girls and young women and to improve the digital skills in our leaders.

Three work with units across the UK supporting badges and running sessions on digital security, podcasting, coding and moviemaking. They also offer support for leaders to become more confident using and talking to girls about digital technology and social media. Three’s session are suitable for all sections and their skilled trainers will work with leaders to tailor the course to your unit.

Here are just a few of the courses they can offer:

Music Making – Start a band and create your own song using GarageBand on iPad.

Movie Making – Storyboard, shoot and direct a short movie on a topic of your choice.

Stop Motion- Movie Making – Similar to the Movie Making session, but using the techniques used in the Lego Movie.

Podcasting – Create your own radio talk show podcast episode on a topic of your choice.

Hopscotch Coding – Design your own computer game using block coding with the Hopscotch app.

Vlogging- Passionate about an issue? Make your very first vlog episode and share your story

Online Safety – Create an engaging video or podcast about the importance of online safety, covering 3 key safety topics of your choice.

Get inspired and check out this stop motion video 1st Mid Calder Brownies created after they took part!

To book a session for your unit, invite Three to your county camp or organise some training for a volunteer training please contact Florelle and find out more here.