Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities for anyone aged 14-24. We’ve joined forces with DofE to offer our members the opportunity to work towards completing this fantastic award. The DofE programme fits closely with many of the other Girlguiding awards and qualifications available to members, in particular the Queen’s Guide award.

Why should I get involved?

This is an internationally recognised award. It’s recognised by employers and universities and look great on your CV. The DofE programme operates in over 100 countries and helps develop you as a whole person – mind, body and soul – through great teamwork and personal growth.

Activities within the DofE programme can also be matched with those you’re already doing with your unit so you can get more than one award for the challenges you complete.

What’s next?

There are three progressive levels of the award which vary in length and commitment.

  • Bronze – for those aged 14 and over, takes at least six months to complete.
  • Silver – for those aged 15 and over, takes at least 12 months for direct entrants (those without Bronze Awards).
  • Gold – for those aged 16 and over, takes at least 18 months for direct entrants (those without Silver Awards).

You can decide which levels you complete and in what order, as long as you meet the minimum age requirement.

Find out more about getting involved here.