The Chief Guide’s Challenge

This challenge is open to all members of The Senior Section age 14-25 and will help you to get stuck in to the fantastic Look Wider programme.

Why should I get involved?

 The Chief Guide’s Challenge is the second highest award for young members and is rooted in the Look Wider programme. The Look Wider programme is a personal challenge designed to make you try loads of different activities from getting creative to taking on a new fitness challenge!

As well as making great memories this challenge is a chance for you to gain extremely useful experience and help you to expanding your skills across lots of areas which will help you to decide who you want to be. It will also be helpful in your educational, professional and personal life.

What’s next?

To complete the challenge you need to finish Phases 1 and 2 from all eight octants of the Look Wider programme.

  • Phase 1 – gives you the opportunity to try three new activities. These can be completely new things or can expand on elements of an existing skill or hobby.
  • Phase 2 – allows you to take things further by doing an activity for a minimum of 12 hours. It can be something you got a taste of in Phase 1 or something entirely different.

Don’t forget – you’ve only got until your 26th birthday to complete the challenge.

Find out more about getting started and what to do if you’ve finished you Chief Guide’s Challenge here – good luck!