Lorraine – Parent volunteer

20151217_175604Mum of two Lorraine started guiding by helping out at her daughter’s Rainbow unit, the 3rd Mearns Rainbows in Newton Mearns, to prevent it from closing. Now she runs the unit with an all-parent team of volunteers and plans to take on a Brownie unit too.

Lorraine says:

“We’ve had a busy year full of fun trips including visiting the archives in Glasgow and tubing on inflatable donuts. Next on the list is a trip to the pantomime at Christmas!

“The Rainbows like to do things with the Brownies, to make that step up to the next unit a little easier – so we attended Remembrance Day and had a fun Halloween disco together recently!”

She says that volunteering alongside her daughter at Rainbows is great.

“It’s great to do with my eldest daughter and soon she’ll moving on to Brownies, so I am also going to be doing that with her too.

“The Brownie unit was going to be closing and I didn’t want my daughter and her friends to miss out on the opportunity – so I’m pitching in to keep it going.”

Lorraine’s team at Rainbows is made up entirely of other parent volunteers – what makes them such a good team?

“Our team is all parents so we look out for each other, understand each other’s commitments and get along well.

“We’ve all got different skills – I like crafting and someone else is good at baking – so the team works really well and we all bring something different to the unit.”

What have they all got out of it?

“They have offered our Rainbows amazing opportunities and created many fond guiding memories for them and for the leaders!”

She likes to get other parent volunteers involved too.

“My approach to getting parents to come along and help is invite them to help out and try it – you can see that they enjoy it and encourage them to come more often.

“Using a parent rota so that parents can regularly come along and help, see what the girls are doing each week and get into it works really well too.

“One thing that we’re thinking of to recruit more new volunteers is putting a leaflet in the children’s bags – at Rainbows and school.

“The easiest way is just to ask someone to try it – and to bring along their fun ideas!”

Lorraine says she’d recommend any parents to get involved.

“Guiding does need volunteers to make it happen – it’s so rewarding and it’s great to see the girls develop and grow.

“So if you are thinking about it, do it!”