Georgiana Fyfe – Girlguiding Scotland’s own war hero

What do World War I flying ambulances and Girlguiding Scotland have in common? Answer: a redoubtable war hero.

Georgina Fyfe

Miss Georgiana Fyfe, a Commissioner for Girlguiding Glasgow, joined Dr Hector Munro’s Flying Ambulance Corps in Flanders at the outbreak of hostilities. Dr Munro broke new ground by sending women dressed in khaki breeches to scour the battlefields on horseback and collect the wounded. Using women for this work, especially in male dress, was initially disapproved of by the War Office and the Red Cross – but eventually given the green light as long as it was under male direction.

Following her stint on the battlefields, 1915 saw Georgiana Fyfe drafted in to help the British Army rescue civilians and take them to military hospitals when a town or village came under bombardment.

Throughout the war Miss Fyfe helped evacuate more than 1,300 Belgian children from the war into France and Switzerland and was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Ordre de Leopold for the immense work she undertook.

We’re proud to be associated with this brave lady!