Five minute fillers

Have you got a spare five minutes that you need to fill? These activities and games that we spotted on the Girlguiding website may be just the answer.

Origami race – who’s the quickest?

  1. Print out or watch these origami tutorials – everything from animals to ice cream cones.
  2. Make sure everyone has practised making the shape decided on, then start racing! You could throw paper aeroplanes/birds and see whose can fly the longest distance or you could make paper boats and float them in a paddling pool or pond.
  3. Once everyone is practised at making the shape, you can run these races with very little preparation whenever there are five minutes to fill. You could start recording the quickest times to put on a leader board.

Encourage the girls to think of ways to use the origami once they’ve made it, perhaps as decorations.

Body Parts

This is a silly game which develops teams and friendship.

  1. Get the girls into pairs or groups. The larger the group, the more complicated the game gets.
  2. The leader calls out a number, and the name of a body part. For example, ‘two’ and ‘hands’ mean there should only be two hands touching the floor.
  3. Groups or pairs can use chairs or other props to help them out – it’s up to them to work out how to achieve it. Members of the team must be touching each other in some way.

Make it harder by adding in a variety of different body parts to your instructions!


This is another fun game to get the girls laughing!

  1. Ask one girl to be the volunteer.
  2. She stands in the middle of the circle.
  3. The others take turns to ask her questions, to which she can only answer ‘sausage’ (or any other word you choose).
  4. If she laughs, she’s out! Swap places and give everyone a chance to have a go!

Traffic lights

A fun way to get girls active.

  1. Get the girls running around.
  2. When you shout ‘red,’ girls should sit down.
  3. When you shout ‘amber’, girls should walk and on ‘green’ they should run.
  4. Shout the Traffic Lights in different orders to catch the girls out. These actions could be replaced with hopping, skipping, jumping jacks and so on.

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