Celebrating ‘WOW’ mums this Mother’s Day!

When it comes to role models mum’s the word according to new research by Girlguiding.


In a Girlguiding poll, mums were six times more likely than female celebrities, including pop-stars and actresses, to land the top female role model spot a survey by Girlguiding.

As part of our WOWwoman campaign girls across Scotland have been sharing who makes them say WOW and celebrating inspirational women in their life – including mums, grans, aunts and more.

To celebrate Mother’s Day we asked Guide Ailidgh and Brownie Masie why their mum was their WOWwoman.

Ailidgh, 10, of the 3rd Peebles Guides said:

“My mum is my WOWwoman for lots of reasons. She volunteers at our Guide unit, she helps me with my homework, and she is lots of fun. Most of all she loves me and lots of other people. She always inspires me to be myself and do my best. There’s no one else like her.”

Maisie, 9, of the 4th Peebes Brownies, added:

“My mum is my role model because she’s really smart and kind and she teaches me to never give up.”

Their mum Gail, who is also a Leader with 3rd Peebles, said:

“I really enjoy volunteering at my daughter’s Guide unit as I think it’s so important to give girls a space where they can try new things and grow in confidence.

“I love being part of an organisation that’s all about empowering girls to take the lead and use their voice and I can see the benefits for my own daughters. Hopefully when they’re a bit older they’ll think about becoming Leaders too and help inspire other girls!

Let us know your WOWwoman!

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