Exploring science with the 1st Limekilns Brownie Unit

Rachel Murray, Girlguiding Scotland’s Digital Marketing Officer, writes about exploring science with the 1st Limekilns Brownie Unit.

When I was a Brownie, I used to look forward to getting each year’s new Brownie Annual so I could puzzle over tricky word searches and follow the step-by-step craft projects. So when the 2016 version landed at the Edinburgh Guide Shop I was amazed at how different it is to when I were a young Brownie!

This year’s version of the annual is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) so it includes lots of exciting experiments and wacky projects. I was really keen to try some of the activities after flicking through the shiny pages, so I jumped at the chance to go along to the 1st Limekilns Brownie Unit and try out some of the activities with them.

We set up a few tables of different activities so the girls could move around and get a chance to learn about wind power by making their own windmill, make a worm garden and – the best part – play around with some magnetic slime! We picked these activities so that the Brownies could use them to get their Science investigator badge. To add to the fun, we also invited some real live scientists and engineers to come along to the meeting and tell the girls about their job.

The evening went really well. The girls got to try lots of new things, from being brave and touching wiggly worms to learning about wind power. And most importantly, they had loads of fun!

I’m really grateful to the 1st Limekilns Brownies for inviting me along to find out how cool science can be – and I know what lots of Brownies will be wishing for in their Christmas stocking this year!

The 2016 Brownie Annual is available to buy from Girlguiding Scotland’s Edinburgh and Glasgow Guide shops and online for just £5.