Foodbank collections – a little bit goes a long way

I’m so proud of how well the girls came together! Antoinette, leader with 1st Kyle of Sutherland Rainbow Brownie Guide unit, was walking by a shop window when she spotted… Read more »

World Book Day: Feel inspired!

We’ve put together a list of fantastic books to help inspire girls and young women across the country. There’s something for every section to help you feel empowered. Rainbows 5-7… Read more »

Get social action savvy!

Empowering girls to take social action is at the heart of what we do. Carrying on our celebration of young members making a real difference in their communities this #iwill… Read more »

Traffic lights

Midloathian Camp Guides

A fun way to get girls active! Get the girls running around. When you shout ‘red,’ girls should sit down. When you shout ‘amber’, girls should walk and on ‘green’… Read more »


This is another fun game to get the girls laughing! Ask one girl to be the volunteer She stands in the middle of the circle The others take turns to… Read more »

Body Parts

Rainbows 2

This is a silly game which develops teams and friendship. Get the girls into pairs or groups. The larger the group, the more complicated the game gets. The leader calls… Read more »

Origami race – who’s the quickest?

Print out or watch these origami tutorials – everything from animals to ice cream cones. Make sure everyone has practised making the shape decided on, then start racing! You could throw paper… Read more »

5-minute chocolate mug cake

A cake that can be prepared, cooked and ready to eat in five minutes – awesome! This mug cake is rich, moist, and oh so chocolatey! Ingredients: Two and a… Read more »

Rainbow pancakes

Not only do these look delicious, but they taste really good too! If you want to try making these rainbow pancakes, watch the video from The One Pot Chef which… Read more »

Microwave tablet

Tablet is a sugary sweet treat and a Scottish favourite. If you want to try baking in your unit but don’t have access to a proper kitchen, don’t worry –… Read more »